Getting Wild in Public During Mardi Gras

Genre: Contemporary Erotica Author: Felicity Ferris

Ah, Mardi Gras. The party of all parties. He should be happy, being here with his new girlfriend. The operative word here being “should.” It wasn’t that long ago that they’d started dating. Haley had insisted that this trip had been planned for before they started going out. Even if that were the case, what kind of new couple would be okay with the other going to a bachelor or (in this case) a bachelorette party. Especially one during an event like Mardi

Gras. After an argument, she’d consented to let him go as his part of the deal. Her stipulation was that he’d be in a different room because her friends didn’t know him well enough yet and she wasn’t comfortable sharing a place for that long just yet.

“Reasonable” he thought. Dylan rolled his eyes and did another shot of tequila as he watched his girlfriend scream excitedly and show her tits to the entire city for the fifth time. This woman. If she wasn’t the love of his life, he’d have dropped her like a bad habit. Having her showered with beads every time she did it didn’t help. It was just a counter of how many people had ogled her at this point.

He’d watched from his third story room which had an overview of the street. It would have been a great view had he not been forced to watch his girlfriend be an exhibitionist. Eventually, even Haley would have her fill of partying. At about 10:00pm, she stumbled into his room.

“Heya babe~ It’s fucking wild out there!” she exclaimed, pressing herself up against him and kissing him on the lips.

“Yea, I saw! And so did 500 other people!” he said, grabbing her by the arms, pulling her back.

“Hey hey, It’s just Mardis Gras. Don’t get jealous!” she said with a grin.

Her slightly buzzed attitude was grating on him on top of his already dampened mood. “I’m not jealous. I just don’t want you to forget who you’re going out with.”

“Yea? What are you going to do about it?” she said, pressing a finger against his chest, the beads wrapped around her wrist jangling noisily.

“This.” Dylan said, pushed over the edge. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him, wrapping an arm around her back and cupping her breast, giving it a squeeze. “I can help make sure you remember it.”

She squeaked in protest and wriggled, her stash of beads rattling as he felt her up. “H­hey!” she said with a blush, her lack of actually fighting back betraying her actual feelings regarding the molestation.

“You really want beads that much, huh?” he growled into her ear, making her shudder. He hooked his fingers into the loops of beads at her wrists and pulled hard, ripping them off, making her yelp in pain.

“I’m sorry, okay?” She said, annoyed.

“Not with that attitude.” Dylan returned, reaching up her mini skirt and snapping the pathetic excuse for underwear thong she was wearing. It fluttered to the ground and she fidgeted, holding her hand over her ass and crotch. “Ah, there’s your modesty” he teased.

“Sh­shut up!” she whined, blushing as he took her by the hips and pressed her up against the wall. One by one, he slipped the little beads into her ass as she moaned and her legs trembled. She was really getting into it and it showed as her body greedily sucked in every new bead. After the second bead string slipped in, Haley wriggled her ass at him, shaking two short little tails at Dylan.

“I’ve been really bad… You really ought to punish me harder~!” Coyly, she bit her lip and ran her hands along her inner thighs, right up to her crotch.

“You asked for it, you dirty girl.” He grabbed her waist and picked up her lithe form, taking her to the open balcony doors, bent her over the metal railing, and tore her button­down shirt open. “Since you want to be so open with your body, you won’t mind who sees this, right?”

“H­ey, hold on.” She started, looking back. “This is a bit­” She saw a flash and looked back down at the festivities. People were starting to look up at her and take pictures.

“Should have thought that one through.” Dylan said with a grin as he dropped his trousers. Holding her waist with one hand, keeping her still, and fondling her perky tits with his other, he guided his cock to its goal. It look a few tries as he slipped between the thighs and hot dogged between her pussy lips, making her moan. When he finally penetrated her, he was rewarded with a low moan as her body tensed and he felt her tighten around his cock.

Dylan winced and slowly pushed up into her, letting her get used to it. “Ugh, you have to relax or you’re going to squeeze my fucking cock off.”

Forced to watch the crowd watch her get fucked was deeply embarrassing and yet Haley couldn’t help but be turned on by it. Was she really that big of a pervert?

When Dylan bottomed out inside of her, he gave her no chance to rest. He slid out, then back in slowly. Within a few strokes, he was already speeding up. Every thrust and roll of his hips elicited a moan and gasp from Haley whose arousal made it that much easier to do.

In mere minutes, Dylan was powerfully ravaging Haley’s pussy. The pounding made her entire body shake, her chest swaying to the motion even as Dylan played with them.

“Oh fuck yes. Yes! Oh, Gawd, Yes!” Haley chanted as her body started to glisten with sweat and her hair clung to her face. Her legs were quickly becoming jello from her boyfriend’s forceful treatment.

More than half of the street below had stopped to watch them at this point. The exhibitionism made her hot and wet which in turn affect Dylan. “I­I’m going to…” He warned as he started to gasp. He slammed one

last time into her, making her jolt as he pressed hard against her, digging his fingers into her boob. She could feel his hot cum batter her innermost areas, filling her up. The fierceness nudged her over the edge as she started to cum, the orgasm rippling over her entire body like bolts of lightning. She white knuckled the railing as she trembled violently.

When her shaking subsided, Dylan pulled out, letting his creampie drip down her leg. “So… Did we learn anything?” He panted, catching his breath.

Haley hung over the railing on display, spent and well­ fucked. “Y­es sir..~” she said dreamily. Ah. Much better.


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