Naughty Elevator Behavior

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Author: Felicity Ferris

My heart dropped when I saw Kate step out the second elevator. We were all alone in the 26th floor elevator lobby. I looked hopelessly all over for somebody else. No one. My heart was beating.

Kate smirked like if she was sensing my discomfort, and stated “Are you going down John?”

I breathed in and got in the empty elevator. Kate had her back to me while I retreated in the edge. She put in her key and pushed a few buttons. The door shut and we began going down.

“I have not seen you for six days John. Where have you been all along?”

I gulped, my lips instantly dry. “My job has been insane Kate. I have not had much time to walk around lately. You are aware, I am…” The elevator lurched to a halt. Kate shoved a few buttons although nothing occurred.

She talked into her walkie talkie, “201 dispatch.”

“Go 201.”

“I am in south Kenner. I have the elevator on service, bringing down a passenger from the 26th floor. The elevator has froze. We are inside car 4. It seems as if we’re at the 8th floor over.”

“Comprehended 201. Yes, our board right here is showing errors for that car. I will call up Alapont. Hold on tight meanwhile I see if I could do something from over here.”

My heart dropped meanwhile this talk happened.

The quietness was awkward and oppressive. Kate kept on playing with the controls for a couple more seconds.

Her walkie talkie crackled to life. “Dispatch 201.”


“Kate I have talked to Alapont. They are sending a technician. He should be here in a few minutes. You are in no danger. It is an issue here with the software. ‘Till then, hold on tight.”

I whipped out my phone and called up my friend Lee to let him know I was going to be late then hung up quickly. I stared at Kate, waiting for her to probably do the same exact thing.

She replied to my curious glare by stating “I have not trained my puppy to pick up the cellphone just yet, so there is no objective in calling him.” I laughed at that and she said I had a nice chuckle.

I took a seat in the back edge meanwhile she stayed standing still, gazing at me with a suspicious grin. The quietness seemed to expand ‘till it got unbearable.

“What actions do you take as a hobby Kate?”

“I am fond of walking my puppy and playing fetch with him. I am fond of doing Battle of Mag Itha plays – I am mostly on the Fomorians side. And whenever I am all alone, I am fond of playing with myself on my cam for random people.”

The last thing shocked me, and yet, was not shocking whatsoever. Any female that would brazenly and comfortably flirt with a male like me has to be rather free.

She kept on, “yes, I arrive to my house and turn on my cam. I go to one out of those many webcam websites and allow random people watch me while I take off my work clothes and bang myself with my baton.” She held up the baton, like if she was pointing out that it was the actual one she utilized. Then she examined me, and I can see the desire in her eyes. Her nipples were now pointing against the gray fabric of her work clothes and you can notice she was breathing out because of her torso. Once again, that knowing grin played across her rosebud mouth. I noticed she was looking at my crotch, and to my embarrassment, I had an erection.

She didn’t say anything further. I stared somewhere else, although snapped my head back some time later while I listened to her belt collide to the ground. She was cautiously unbuttoning her gray shirt, then she untucked it.

Kate slid her fingers down the front of her trousers. I could not rip my eyes from this erotic view. She groaned while her hand touched her vagina. I watched, hypnotized, while she caressed herself for some time, then took out her fingers and brought up her gooey digits to her mouth.

“I do it exactly like this.”

She flicked her tongue against her fingers and suckled on them, creating a play out of it. She even slipped her ring finger inside and out of her mouth as if she was sucking it up.

“O, I taste real good! O John, you have to taste it!”

Her tone sounded rowdy inside the close confinement of the elevator and I can smell her horniness. My very own penis was stone stiff while I watched her put in her fingers again down her pants, playing around for a little bit, then taking it out and licking her hand once again. I cannot believe how horny I was, watching her lewd presentation.

She doffed her shirt. She was clad in a tank top now and I can see her perky nipples poking out like bullets from the great swell of her torso. “I could see that your dick is stiff. Are you fond of what you’re seeing John?”

I didn’t say anything and rotated my head to my right. I had made a decision in my head – I was not going to watch her any longer. Hopefully she would end soon enough.

Something smooth fell on my hair. Still not staring at her, I reached up and came away with her panties. She had just launched her panties at me! Some time later, her gray tank top followed it.

“O John, you should see what I am doing now.”

“Nope Kate, we’re not a couple and this is incorrect. Get your clothing again and redress.” Instantly she was kneeling down next to me, propelling her wet fingers under my nostrils. I can smell the musky smell of her cunt on her fingers. I rotated my head the other direction, just to discover I was glaring right into her eyes. I can see desire and madness in there. That is when she grabbed my crotch and began stroking my stiffness through my trousers.

“Do not deny it John. You feel like banging me. I could see the desire in your eyes. I want you to bury your stiff member inside my pussy. I want you to fill me and come all over me. Take me now! Here, inside this elevator. Fill me up!”

“Nope! Let me be Kate!”

“You cannot deny this John. It is going to occur whether you want to or you don’t.” She reached in my pants and attempted to pull out my cock. I fought her away, although then she gripped her baton that was at her feet and smacked my extended fingers with it. I screamed in agony and placed my fingers inside my mouth. Now that I was not holding back, she was able to liberate my penis from my pants. I was way too worried with the pain in my fingers to notice what she had done ‘till I felt something hot and moist engulf my member.

I glared down and noticed Kate had my dick inside her mouth. I sent at her to attempt and run away from her, although she bit down. The agony was deep! Then she continued sucking. When I attempted to drive her off once again, she bit once again. And again, I was in a lot of agony. Sufficiently ironic, despite my agony, I was stiff like stone.

I guess she was finally exhausted from sucking me up cause instantly her lips were away. I scrambled and attempted to stand, although she smacked me in the shin with the baton. I shouted in agony once again and held my shin. She swatted me on the butt with her baton now. Then somehow she was able to get me onto my back. Grabbing her baton in one hand, she shucked my pants and underwear with her other hand. My stiff tool was still pointing at the ceiling of the elevator. She straddled my prostrate form. In milliseconds she had my cock targeted at the opening to her bushy moist cunt, and she then impaled herself on me. She was certainly wet and her open pussy easily fit me. Gripping her baton in one hand, she held onto the bars for balance and began jumping up and down on my shaft.

She seemed happy. Her eyelids were shut and she was grinning and groaning while she fucked me. I watched her breasts wiggle while she jumped up and down on me. Then she began with the dirty speaking.

“I have felt like doing this for a lengthy amount of time. O my God John, I have felt like doing this ever since the very first moment I saw you. My vagina became completely moist and I banged the baton under the security table while I would watch you stroll by. O my baton was really huge in me, although it never felt as if it was sufficient. I am so glad your penis is inside me now. I would get off on the 25th floor right after our elevator rides and play with myself inside the women’s restroom. I felt like feeling you in me. The men that watched my cam advised I stalk you, well I did. I have been following you to your apartment from the past few days. I know the apartment that you live in because I live in this building too.”

All her nasty speaking and the depths of her depravity had me horny. She knew my dick was swelling. She was taking it all the way in, and my cock head was brushing her cervix. She got off of me and I couldn’t help it. I told her to get on her knees and open up her mouth. She refused in the beginning but then she suddenly got on her knees and opened up her mouth. I stuck the baton in her mouth and told her to suck. While her lips shut around the baton, I reached my hand down and began jacking off madly meanwhile I was banging the baton inside and out her mouth.

Only when she had began to set a pace of sucking on the baton, I took it out and moved it in back of her. A couple of milliseconds after, she felt its rough bulb pressing against her small butthole. “Nope!” she yelled, although I forced some of the baton in her anyways. It was so agonizing she believed it was ripping a gap inside her body.

“Calm down,” I stated. “It is just the first few centimeters. Anyone lady could take like 9.”

She was in pain while I gradually prodded the invading baton further in her butt. While she calmed down it really began feeling way less agonizing. Kate reached out to play around with my ballsack, although now I was inching the baton further too. It began feeling great.

She groaned while I moved it further and working it inside and out of her recently deflowered butt. Kate was sucking at my neck while she got into a pace once again and began to poke back against the baton. She was becoming insane with desire and could not hold much more of it.

Instantly, I tugged the baton out of her. I got on my back once again, then she got on my hard member and began fucking me. Her cunt was wet and my pubic hairs were becoming wet while her pussy juice dripped out of her. Her rhythm grew and I can feel my orgasm increasing.

“Bang me John! I am coming once again! O fuck! Yes, fuck me with your stiff penis! I bet no girl has ever banged you this way right? Nope although now I believe you are going to ask right? Yes. I am going to set up a cam stream and allow everybody to watch while I ride you.”

That did it for me. I called out “I am coming!” and blew my sperm all the way in Kate’s vagina. It felt like such a release and it was the most deep orgasm I have had. Kate came on me too, fucking me to one more orgasm of her own. She got off me and and brought up her freshly banged cunt to my face.

“Clean me right before Alapont guy arrives.”

She didn’t need to be hit with the baton. I had made her my hoe. I licked her pussy clean, and liked doing that. She was my slut now.


-Felicity Ferris

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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